As a decentralized finance (DeFi) development company, StarkLight transforms your traditional financial services into encrypted, riskless, and equitable DeFi applications.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Development -

The Next Generation Of Finance Ecosystems

DeFi development company, StarkLight, helps enterprises and emerging start-ups replace conventional finance systems with decentralized finance platforms to deliver equal monetary services to the vast unbanked population of the world. DeFi’s scope lies in delivering equitable monetary services to the vast unbanked population of the world. Such a permissionless, blockchain-based system is well-received among the masses because from the comfort of their couch and with a smartphone, they enjoy the benefits of various financial utilities such as loans, lending/borrowing, tokenization, trading, and a lot more that are dealt further. The scaling success of DeFi applications is attributed to the absence of an intermediary, as it provides more security, high transparency, and cuts the transaction fee by more than a massive 50%. StarkLight renders decentralized finance development services in the cryptocurrency domain, to upcoming startups, established entrepreneurs, and corporate companies. Backed by a powerhouse of 200+ tech-savvy blockchain architects, it has benefitted more than 500 clients across 30+ countries. The solid 7 years of experience in the fintech industry elects StarkLight as the primary decentralized finance (DeFi) development company

DeFi Development


DeFi Dapp Development

The absence of a central point of failure exponentiates the benefits of decentralized applications. Build your dApp with our DeFi dApp development services and join the DeFi business revolution across the world

DeFi Token Development

Through our DeFi token development services, launch the native token for your DeFi protocol and escalate the growth of your platform across the world. As your token’s demand increases, so does your value.

Decentralized Exchange Development

Create your decentralized (DeFi) exchange platform that successfully caters to the three basic needs of a trader – security, authority, and transparency. Decentralized exchanges are immune to cyber vulnerabilities.

DeFi Lending/Borrowing Platform Development

Our DeFi lending/borrowing platform development service helps you build a protocol to lend funds or avail loans, apt for millions of unbanked people around the world as DeFi offers highly private lending/borrowing.

DeFi Smart Contract Development

The driving factor for such a quick growth of the DeFi industry is the presence of DeFi smart contracts. DeFi smart contract development offers solidity-based, highly encrypted smart-contracts for your business ventures.

DeFi Wallet Development

Traders’ primary concern of their data security is satisfied by our DeFi wallet development service that guarantees the security of the highest order. Win the users’ trust with your platform’s exclusive DeFi wallet.

DeFi Yield Farming Development

StarkLight aids the trader’s beneficial process of yield farming by offering open DeFi lending protocol solutions. Your users can reap interest by lending their crypto assets, also they can move across other platforms.

DeFi Staking Platform Development

Help your users unlock the rewards of staking by developing your staking platform. Though Ethereum is the top network, the DeFi staking platform can be built on any blockchain network as requested by the client.

DeFi Crypto Banking

Replace the banks with decentralized online banking opportunities for your users that involve deposit, withdrawal, transfer, and savings of crypto assets by building your own crypto bank automated by smart contracts.

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